Lemon Street Studio provides beautiful digital art paintings for you to enjoy in your home or business. Only the best materials and processes are used to provide years of enjoyment.

Shown above: Golden Hour, 33”x22” Archival Inks on Canvas, Framed. (Frame not included)

the process

What is a digital art painting?  The technological revolution which ushered in digital imagery has created a new world of possibilities in artistic imaging and creation. Each of my paintings begins as an original digital photo.  Once an image or photo is chosen as the “base” of the digital painting, an entirely new level of creativity begins. 

Using sophisticated software and much creative vision, images are chopped apart, reassembled, taken from other photos, digitally altered, and otherwise reimagined to create the final digital painting you see.  The final painting is then printed on high quality canvas or fine art paper to create a beautiful final piece of art that most times is indistinguishable from a traditionally created painting. 

Ultimately, the only difference between the paintings that I create using digital technology and a “traditional” painting are the tools that are utilized. My brush is a mouse and my palette of paints are pixels. 

My inspiration comes from the grandeur of nature, the softness of a foggy morning, or the beauty that I see all around me, especially in my own back yard. My digital paintings ultimately capture the scene that is not necessarily in my viewfinder, but what I imagine it ultimately could be in my mind’s eye.  

I hope you enjoy the work!

Marlin Miller

Artist/Owner - Lemon Street Studio